Experienced Workforce

Our team has experience of delivering top quality products to clients companies of all sizes and many different industries.

Whatever the scale and nature of your project, we can draw from an extensive skill base to give you a top engineering service.

We study each client’s project in detail and gain a thorough understanding of their specific requirements. Our processes and professional expertise are continuously put to the test, and we continue to deliver great results.

Having turned so many engineering challenges into success stories, we are certain we are the right partner for your project, too, to become a success.

Mild Steel Fabrication - Aluminium Fabrication - Metal Work

We can offer a comprehensive range of metal processing services, with a fast turnaround and superior quality. We currently manufacture a very wide range of steel products for many different industries and have invested in CNC press brakes and guillotines to give you the consistently high quality you require.

We are experts in long–term repeat volume production. Whether you need prototyping, jig welding or job engineering.

Our In-house facilities include:

  • Circular automated saws
  • Tube manipulation & fabrication including End forming
  • Full cutting service
  • Brackets
  • 25 tonne & 35 tonne & 50 tonne press brake
  • Guillotine
  • Pyramid rollers
  • Coded welders M.I.G and T.I.G including non ferrous
  • Spot welding & projection welding
  • Turning, milling & flow drilling
  • Access Lazer cutting and water jet.
  • Machining facilities.